Windsor Chairs

Handmade Windsor Chairs

Windsor Heritage makes handmade Windsor chairs, tables and other fine furniture for the discerning customer using 18th century hand tools and craftsmanship. Whether it's for the bedroom, dining room, entrance or veranda, every piece tells a story and is ergonomically hand crafted. Windsor chairs are made to last generations and they are finished with milk paint and natural oils making them environmentally friendly. Windsor Heritage also offers chair making courses. Windsor Heritage is located in Stanbridge East, one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, Canada. 

Planing Demonstration

Windsor Chair Making Course

Have you ever thought of making a chair? Windsor Heritage offers a 5 day chair making course where you can make your own Windsor Chair in the Eastern Townships, an hour's drive from Montreal. 

Tools used to sculpt seat

About Windsor Chairs

Windsor Chairs that last for generations must be built using hand tools. As an example, tools used to sculpt chair seats include the gutter adz, the scorp, compass plane and travisher. Please click to learn more about the chair maker, how Windsor chairs are made and links to articles and a video about Windsor Heritage. 

How to reach us

How to Find Us

Why not come and visit us in the beautiful town of Stanbridge East? Windsor Heritage is open by appointment, but drop-ins are always welcome. Please call ahead so that chair making courses are not interupted. Click on the map for directions to Windsor Heritage and ways to contact us!

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